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Nikos Bamboo Boxer Briefs

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Did somebody say bamboo... boxers?

Yes, we did. Did you know it took almost 400 gallons of water to make those cotton boxers you are wearing right now?

Nikos Bamboo Linen needs less than 1/3 of that, while also being the superior fabric in every other way. Let us explain..

Keep your manhood fresh and cool. Anywhere, anytime.


Micro-Hole Technology

Microscopic craters throughout our bamboo linen gives you the kind of breathability that keeps you fresh through the whole work day, the gym, and whatever else is on your agenda (the rest is none of our business, we're just here to keep you out of sticky situations).

Crisp in the Summer, Cozy in the Winter

No more wet briefs! Thermo-regulating properties in NIKOS Bamboo linen allows the fabric to retain the initial coolness or warmth you felt when you first put them on. This works wonders especially under that hot summer sun!

You may feel like you have an air conditioner in your pants.

No Bacteria = No Odor!

No, we're serious. Anti-bacterial properties found in the bamboo plant carry into the fabric form as well.

Depending on your furry situation down there, these may be the first boxers you are 100% confident to wear for a day or two- without losing any original freshness or comfort.

Wrap your precious jewels in Luxury.

5-Star Softness 

You and I both know we love 5- star hotels for one reason...

The plush, silky, soft bedsheets that make our skin dance with pleasure.

Our Bamboo outperforms cotton in many ways, but the delicate softness and sensitivity is the first thing you will notice when you put on a pair of NIKOS.

 Re-kindle this luxury with our bamboo linen. 

Did you know?

Bamboo linen is often described as having "the ultra softness of cashmere and the sheen of silk".

Our bamboo fibers are without chemical wash, leaving them smoother and rounder.

  • What does this mean?
    • Natural Fibers
    • Hypo-Allergenic
    • Anti-Static 

We have engineered the ultimate boxer for all of your endeavors, and that's not even the best part... We're all Eco-Friendly!

Natural > Chemical

NIKOS Bamboo Linen is made through a natural, mechanical process, rather that using harsh chemicals to break down the plant. Better for you, and our environment.

Our XXL and XXXL sizes will be available next drop. For now- here's a size chart of what is currently in stock.

SMALL  28"-30"
MEDIUM  31"-33"     
LARGE  34"-36"

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