The Ultimate Guide To Bamboo Fabric: Understanding Its Benefits

The Ultimate Guide To Bamboo Fabric: Understanding Its Benefits

If you are reading this, it's probably because you have been having a slight case of bamboo fever, but don’t worry, we’ve been there before, and we have your prescription ready for you at the front. But first, let us go over some precautionary statements so you know just what you’re in for.

You WILL Notice Change

Bamboo fabric is not like any other fabric on the market, which is why its popularity has quietly but quickly started to dominate the industry, opening a new door of comfort in the undergarment space. “WHY?” or “HOW?” are usually the most common questions, and rightfully so. Bamboo fabric, if looked at through a microscope, would have significantly longer fibers than cotton. This alone is enough to separate bamboo from the rest of the competition, as the long fibers enhance the softness of the fabric, which is essential for those who struggle with chafing or sensitive skin in general.

How The Bamboo Is Harvested 

Our bamboo is harvested between 3 and 4 years of age and turned into bamboo fabric with a mechanical process. The cellulose fibers are extracted from the outer layer of the bamboo stalk, broken down, and soaked in natural enzymes to soften the pulp. After the soaked pulp has dried and been rolled out, it is carefully broken down into raw fibers, and these fibers are then spun into bamboo thread, which will be woven into fabric.

Bamboo vs Other Fabrics

One key advantage that bamboo has over the competition comes from the fact that bamboo is quite an invasive species! Similar to kudzu or ivy, bamboo has no issue growing, and it especially does not need any pesticides or insecticides to help the plant grow. This is not only beneficial from an environmental aspect, but nobody wants that stuff in their clothing if they have the option not to.

How to Identify Good Bamboo Products

Finding the right bamboo fabric is very important. Depending on how the fabric was made will determine a few things, such as longevity, elasticity, and even softness. We highly recommend finding bamboo fabric that is made through a mechanical process rather than a chemical wash to unlock the full potential of all of these attributes. At Nikos, we have exploited all of the awesome benefits of bamboo fabric and formed the perfect bamboo boxer for all of your needs.


In spite of your bamboo fever, you’re in luck. The doctor has seen and cured these cases over and over. The prescription is a pair of Nikos bamboo underwear. Make sure you are making well-thought-out decisions when deciding on the right boxer for you.

The pure, long, silky bamboo fibers are essential for an undergarment, as you are trusting this fabric to protect your precious twig all day. Combined with the softness, antibacterial properties,

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